The Women’s Voices is a political and general news media outlet whose mission is to highlight the role of women in the public sphere, economy, sustainable development, media, science, and sports.

The Women’s Voices has been recognized by the CPPAP (Joint Commission for Publications and Press Agencies) as an “Online Press Service” IPG and carries the number 0923 Z 94690.

“THE INTERVIEW” The Women’s Voices was labeled in May 2021 by UN Women France as part of the Generation Equality Festival organized by the French government and the Mexican government.

Cynthia ILLOUZ, Editor-in-Chief

Cynthia Illouz is a journalist and expert in patronage and CSR. She is the founder of CHARI-T Media, (founded in 2010) dedicated to patronage, and she began her career at LCI (2000-2005) and Itélé (Cnews) in the political and general information service. She is among the mentees selected by the PFDM (For Women in Media) 2020-2021 program.

She conducts THE INTERVIEW in writing and “The Women’s Voices, the Podcast” labeled by UN Women France as part of the Generation Equality Forum (June 2021). She also teaches Equality and CSR at various universities and Grandes Ecoles.