You wield a wealth of professional skills, possibly even standing as an authority in your domain. Yet, where’s the media spotlight you deserve? It’s evident – women, whether in the workforce or entrepreneurship, are seldom featured in the media. Your journeys, activities, and expertise make you not just specialists but experts whose voices demand to be heard and magnified. And let’s face it, the acknowledgment you truly deserve is still a distant reality!


To soar to new heights in visibility, you may have already found yourself tirelessly:

Consistently publishing content on your social media, only to see little growth in audience or job opportunities. Sending emails to journalists, met with silence. Investing in pricey PR agents to boost your visibility. Perhaps even trying paid advertising with lackluster results.

With #5000VOICES, it’s time to shift gears and propel yourself to the next level!


You too can:

  • Effortlessly take the stage on your topics and be recognized as an authority.
  • Ensure your messages are not just read but appreciated and shared.
  • Harness the visibility that well-crafted punchlines bring.
  • Solidify your legitimacy in your areas of expertise.
  • Reap immediate benefits from this newfound notoriety, witnessing a direct impact on your business and career.

CYNTHIA ILLOUZ Ph.D Fondatrice de The Women’s Voices

Cynthia “Like many women, I suffered from the ‘good student syndrome’ (yes, there’s more than just impostor syndrome). You know, the one where we believe that our well-done work will inevitably be recognized by our peers? As a journalist with over 15 years of experience and a Ph.D. in Management Sciences, I diligently applied myself to my activities. Despite conducting numerous interviews and delivering lectures and conferences, I didn’t see my visibility grow or my career accelerate.

Then, one day, I decided to take control and truly focus on my ‘Personal Branding’ (about time for someone with a marketing Ph.D.!).

By working on my messages, social media visibility, and programs, I quickly noticed a shift:

  • I built a community of 80,000 people.
  • I provide hundreds of hours of training, conferences, and courses in France and abroad.
  • Now, I count major brands like Engie, Accor, Mastercard, BNP Paribas, Aurel BGC, Raja as clients and partners.
  • I secured labels and funding from both the Ministry of Culture and Google. Driven by this success, I wanted to create an innovative tool to benefit thousands of women.

That’s how I conceived #5000Voices, aiming to provide an immediate boost to those who have something to say, right now!

Why Join #5000VOICES ?

By becoming a part of #5000Voices, you amplify your voice and establish yourself as a reference in your field. Here’s what you can do:

Easily and swiftly publish your own interview, maintaining control over your messages and image. Express yourself on your favorite topics in your dedicated contribution space. Tap into the expertise of experienced web and social media journalists to optimize your public speaking. Benefit from the audience and brand image of The Women’s Voices. Craft and refine your ‘Personal Branding’ through our specialized workshop training.

#5000VOICES They’re already part of our vibrant community !


#5000VOICES provides you with immediate visibility alongside key players in the current affairs arena, offering:

  1. A crafted interview, presented in an engaging ‘conversation’ format, showcasing your journey, activities, initiatives, commitments, and values.
  2. Professional editing, proofreading, and publication of your interview by a team of journalists. They guide you on your visual choices and optimize your search engine ranking for maximum visibility.
  3. A personal contribution space (8 to 15 publications per year) accessible from your profile to publish articles, opinion pieces, analyses, and advice in your domain.
  4. The ability to share photos and visuals from events you participate in.
  5. Exclusive access to the #5000VOICES network, including member contacts and all their contributions.
  6. The ‘Make Your Voice Heard!’ training, consisting of 4 online workshops (4 X 1.5 hours per quarter) to enhance your writing skills, public speaking, and fully leverage the benefits of #5000VOICES.
  7. With #5000VOICES Premium, you’ll record a 30-minute podcast with The Women’s Voices editorial team and receive 3 short video interviews, 3 audio excerpts, and 3 impactful Punchline posts with The Women’s Voices graphic design. All content will be published on our social media and newsletter to boost your virality.
  8. With #5000VOICES VIP, you’ll benefit from a 2-hour individual media training session with a recognized expert, refining your communication strategy and preparing for impactful public speaking in radio and television media.


No, all voices matter! Women from very different backgrounds (hospitality, energy, technical industry, etc.) join us. #5000VOICES has already brought together tech specialists, influencers, coaches, restaurateurs, employed executives, photographers, essayists, lawyers, doctors, and entrepreneurs.
Yes, we accept all types of profiles, but there are only 5000 spots available. Therefore, we ensure a fair distribution of professions, social backgrounds, and territories, so that #5000VOICES is not exclusively reserved for a single category of profession (e.g., 5000 architects or 5000 lawyers!). That's why we validate (or not) your application.
Absolutely, as you will also contribute to advancing gender equality and amplifying the voices of other women who deserve to be heard and recognized for their skills. You can sponsor up to 10 women to join our network more easily through an accelerated selection process.
Yes, you can even apply to our #YOUNGVOICES program to join us for free. 150 talented young women who stand out for their initiatives or their backgrounds in the final stages of their studies (or at the beginning of their first job) can also speak out on #5000VOICES. (Contact us!)
Yes, we need you! We want to bring together 500 committed men for gender equality: fighting against sexism, violence against women, advocating for equal pay and equal opportunities. Leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, we want to hear from you and benefit from your support on these issues!
Yes, several large companies have already joined the initiative to give a voice to their female talents. For a custom partnership, contact Cynthia Illouz directly on LinkedIn.
5000 is the number needed to trigger a movement, mobilize a community, and have a real impact. Perhaps one day, we will be 10 times more to make our voices heard. 5000 is the number of women (4500) and men (500) who can currently register on our platform.