From captivity to liberation: profiles of Israelis released in Gaza truce

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As part of the truce agreement, Hamas released 13 Israeli hostages, shedding light on the deeply personal stories of those who endured captivity. A majority of the hostages were women and children, emphasizing the impact of these abductions on families. Here are the profiles of some of the released hostages:

  1. Maya Regev, 21 years old:

Maya and her younger brother Itay (18 years old) were abducted while escaping the Tribe of Nova music festival. The siblings, bound in the back of a pickup in a circulated video, faced a harrowing experience. Maya, shot during the abduction, practices yoga and running, while Itay, yet to be released, is passionate about surfing.

  1. Hila (13 years old) and her friend Emily (9 years old):

Abducted alongside Hila’s mother, Reaya Rotem (54 years old), who remains in Gaza, these two young girls were taken from the secure room of their house in the Beeri kibbutz. Emily, an Israeli-Irish girl, celebrated her 9th birthday in captivity after losing her mother to cancer at a young age.

  1. Shoshan Haran (67 years old) and her family:

A tragic story unfolds for Adina Shoham (38 years old), Yahel (3 years old), Naveh (8 years old), Sharon Avigdori (52 years old), and Noam (12 years old). Abducted while visiting Shoshan Haran, Adina’s mother, who was also released, the family has suffered profound losses.

  1. Shiri Weiss (53 years old) and her daughter Noga (18 years old):

Taken from their home in the Beeri kibbutz, Shiri and Noga faced a terrifying assault. Noga, hiding under a bed during the abduction, witnessed her mother being taken. The father, Ilan Weiss, defending the kibbutz, was also captured.

  1. Alma and Noam, 13 and 16 years old:

The Or family endured a tragic fate. Alma and Noam, along with their father Dror Or (48 years old) and cousin Liam (18 years old), were abducted. Their mother, Yonat, was killed in the attack, leaving the family shattered.

These poignant profiles highlight the human toll of conflicts, emphasizing the importance of seeking lasting resolutions for the well-being of families caught in the crossfire.

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