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President Joe Biden has made a significant shift in healthcare policy by signing an executive order to prioritize research on women’s health as a national priority. This initiative, long neglected, is now at the forefront of the Biden administration’s agenda.

Strong commitment to women’s health

By taking this action, Joe Biden has demonstrated his commitment to women’s health while also distinguishing himself from his political opponents. During the signing of the executive order, he criticized those who advocate for the cancellation of federal abortion rights, highlighting their ignorance of the importance and power of women in society.

“Those who boast about canceling federal abortion rights, or who support a national ban on abortion, have no idea about the power of women.” – Joe Biden

This executive order represents a significant advancement, according to the White House, which emphasizes that it is the most comprehensive action ever taken by the U.S. executive branch on women’s health.

Prioritized investments in research

The executive order directs federal agencies to prioritize investments in women’s health research. An important gap in clinical trials, where women were often excluded, will now be addressed.

“Women make up half the population, but for far too long, research on women’s health has been under-studied and under-funded.” – Dr. Carolyn Mazure

Furthermore, it specifically encourages research on diseases such as osteoporosis, heart attacks, or Alzheimer’s, which disproportionately affect women after menopause.

Call for congressional support

Joe Biden also called on the U.S. Congress to unlock funds to support this initiative. An amount of $12 billion is requested to create a dedicated fund for women’s health research within the National Institutes of Health (NIH). An initial investment of $200 million is planned for the fiscal year 2025.

“We still know too little about how to prevent, diagnose, and effectively treat a wide range of health problems in women.” – Dr. Carolyn Mazure

This funding will help bridge gaps in research and develop specific approaches to prevent, diagnose, and effectively treat women’s health issues.

Joe Biden’s commitment to women’s health research marks an important step in recognizing and addressing the specific needs of women in healthcare. This initiative, supported by substantial investments and concrete actions, demonstrates the importance placed on this issue at the highest levels of the U.S. administration.

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