Time’s person of the year 2023: Taylor Swift’s unstoppable rise and cultural impact

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Kenya Nicol


American pop sensation Taylor Swift has been crowned Time magazine’s Person of the Year for 2023, recognizing her exceptional influence on the music industry through an immensely successful tour. According to Time’s editor-in-chief, Sam Jacobs, Swift’s impact goes beyond measure, emphasizing her commitment to valuing people’s dreams and experiences, particularly women who felt overlooked and underestimated.

A world of her own: Taylor Swift’s unique legacy

“For building a world of her own but one that makes room for so many people, for turning her story into a global legend, for bringing joy to a society that desperately needed it, Taylor Swift is Time’s Person of the Year for 2023,” declared Jacobs, marking her as the first personality from the arts to receive this prestigious title.

Triumph over diverse finalists

Chosen over a diverse list of finalists, including global leaders and influential figures, Swift’s recognition extends beyond her musical prowess. Her triumph places her ahead of notable figures such as Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, King Charles III, Jerome Powell, Sam Altman, and even the character Barbie.

The Eras Tour: a billion-dollar milestone

At 33, Swift, a feminist icon, has navigated a 15-year career journey from country to pop. In 2023, her tour, “The Eras Tour,” set to exceed a billion dollars in revenue, reshapes the landscape of the music industry. Universal Music Group CEO Lucian Grainge draws parallels, stating, “Imagine Picasso painting something he painted a few years ago, recreating his work with more current colors.”

A feminist artist and business trailblazer

Known for her business acumen, Swift challenged Ticketmaster and reshaped industry dynamics. The billionaire artist’s career soared in 2023, with albums frequently topping charts and her re-recordings regaining lost rights. A rare interview with Time reveals her perspective on feminism: “The fact that feminist ideas become more lucrative means there will be more feminist artworks produced. That’s extremely encouraging.”

Personal revelations: romance and public scrutiny

Swift, also recognized for her new romantic relationship with Travis Kelce, a Kansas City Chiefs American football player, opens up about their journey, shedding light on her personal life amidst public scrutiny.

Taylor Swift’s recognition as Time’s Person of the Year 2023 cements her status as a cultural icon, feminist force, and business trailblazer, marking an extraordinary chapter in her illustrious career.

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