VIDEO – Chelsea Clinton: “In America, black women are 3 times more likely to die during childbirth”

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Kenya Nicol

Chelsea Clinton, leading the Clinton Foundation for Health, shared crucial insights at the Women’s Forum in Paris. Focusing on women’s health, she emphasized the impact of health education and the risks associated with premature childbirth.

Education’s role in delaying motherhood

“We know globally that for every additional year a girl spends in school, she is much more likely to delay her marriage,” Chelsea Clinton explained. This delay is crucial, allowing girls to determine their aspirations beyond marriage. She highlighted that “every additional year a girl delays motherhood, especially after the age of 16, she is more likely to have a healthy childbirth for herself and her child.”

Stark disparities in maternal health

In New York City, Chelsea Clinton pointed out alarming disparities, stating, “Black women giving birth in New York City are nine times more likely to die than white women giving birth.” This statistic underscores the urgent need for addressing racial inequalities in maternal health.

Clinton family’s commitment to health

The Clinton family’s commitment to health, especially women’s issues, has been longstanding. Chelsea Clinton emphasized their dedication, “Health quickly became a major focus for the Clinton family,” leading to the establishment of the Clinton Health Initiative in 2002. This initiative focuses on prevention training, particularly for young people, globally.

Impactful quotes on women’s rights

Reflecting on her upbringing, Chelsea Clinton acknowledged her mother’s influence: “My mother has often supported women who, without her, would not have had a voice.” However, she expressed concern about the current state, noting that “a woman giving birth in America has a 50% higher chance than her mother of dying during childbirth.”

Strengthening women’s voices: Women’s forum in Paris

The Women’s Voice is proud to partner with the 18th edition of the Women’s Forum in Paris. This annual event aims to bolster the presence of women and gender diversity in all facets of society. Projects promoting gender equality through education and workplace parity take center stage, aligning with the Forum’s mission.

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