Orange The World: UN women’s global campaign takes a stand against violence

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“Orange The World,” an annual initiative by UN Women, unfolds from November 25th to December 10th, rallying governments, businesses, and civil society to unite against violence targeting women and girls. The campaign’s official color, orange, symbolizes a future free from such atrocities.

Alarming global violence statistics

Despite ongoing efforts, international statistics on violence against women remain disconcerting. The WHO reports that one in three women globally experiences physical or sexual violence during her lifetime. Even the younger generation is not spared, with 26% of women aged 15 and older facing partner violence, according to UN Women.

To tackle this pervasive issue, the UN has been orchestrating the “Orange The World” global campaign for 16 days of action against violence since 1991. In France, UN Women France has championed this cause since 2015, especially pertinent as the country records 121 domestic femicides this year, surpassing the entire count for 2022.

Actions of the global fund

The UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women, established in 1996, has invested $215 million in 646 initiatives across 140 countries. In 2022 alone, partnering with 186 civil society organizations, the fund allocated $87.8 million to prevent and combat violence against women and girls, with 62% directed to women’s rights organizations.

10 keys to take action

The campaign emphasizes ten crucial keys to drive effective action, including community mobilization, the central role of local organizations, an intersectional perspective, transformative learning, and the involvement of religious and community leaders.

Individual mobilization with a bracelet

Designer Camille Enrico contributes to the cause for the third year, creating an amulet bracelet. A portion of the sales supports UN Women, with the bracelet featuring finely engraved logos of UN Women France. Available in orange and blue, symbolizing the campaign and the UN agency, the bracelet offers feminine and unisex models, accessible on for €59.

This annual campaign not only raises awareness but actively engages communities, organizations, and individuals in the collective effort to eradicate violence against women and create a safer, more equitable world.

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